Devious Dan

Devious Dan

The Devious Dan EP is out on Beatservice records.

The Devious Dan EP / single is a collection of leftovers, forgetfulness, remakes, whims and some new stuff.
The Devious Dan track itself is somewhat inspired by the earlier Aphex Twin shenanigans, with impromptu melodic electronics and some dribbling beats. Golden oldie. There were even several videos made for the track, heres one :

Devious Dan viddi

Apart from the Dan, the EP has some tracks that were originally written for Norwegian poets Jan Erik Vold and John Erik Riley , commisioned by the Norwegian magazine Vinduet back in 2002 or so.  On the Devious Dan EP, these tracks are featured without the vocals, if we are able to dig up the tracks with the poets on top, we will post them here. ( Don´t hold your breath )

Then there is a remix or remake if you will, of a track from the Doncamatic singalongs album. Rewritten for 4 pedal steel guitars. Great for lucid dreaming or funerals. Check it out

Here is another track,The Coma That Failed, that has been a work in progress over quite a few years. Somehow it has gotten longer and longer as we have worked on it. I guess it was finally long enough, clocking in at about 10 minutes :

And here is a weirder one yet. The Great Plenty. Never seemed to fit in anywhere. Not sure if it do to this day. As charming as it is in all its beatdriven pastoral glory !

In sum : The EP contains tracks from 2001 to 2009. It sounds like its 3 different bands. But it´s not. We evolve. And revolve.

If people are interested, I am sure the whole EP is available online somewhere.
If you want to play nice, you may also buy the tracks / Ep here:  Beatservice

Devios Dan Tracklist:

01 The Coma That Failed
02 Ritalin For Four Pedal Steel Guitars
03 The Great Plenty
04 Devious Dan
05 Rattlechaser
06 Pretend You Owe Me Nothing